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COMMON AREA WI-FI NOW ACTIVE (NEW 5/26/18) As was announced in a recent e-mail, residents and guests now have wi-fi Internet access in the common patio area outside the Recreation Center and around the pool and spa.

To access the Common Area Wi-Fi hotspot, look for the "xfinitywifi" network name in the wi-fi settings of your device (phone, tablet, or laptop). Then follow the prompts to the Xfinity Wi-Fi sign-in page. If you are an Xfinity (Comcast) subscriber, just login as you would normally. If you are not an Xfinity subscriber, you can still get free access by entering your email and Zip code.

NEW OWNER "QUICK STUDY" SUMMARY (Updated 1/6/18) A new document has been created for owners who have recently purchased a unit at Andalusia. This "Quick Study" Summary is intended to summarize some of the key items that are in the CC&Rs, By-Laws, and Handbook of Rules, and will help new owners learn what you typically need to know about living in an HOA (or "Common Interest Development (CID)"). Please click on the following link:

New Owner Quick Study Summary

RECREATION CENTER RESERVATION PROCESS (Updated 12/1/17) If you wish to use the Recreation Center for a birthday party, baby shower, dinner or for any other non-commercial event, please first check the Community Calendar to make sure the date you want is available. If it is, download the current Recreation Center Reservation form and fill it out. Then send your completed reservation request to Greg Zarski (e-mail).

There is a $75 Rental Fee and a refundable $150 Cleaning Deposit.THESE FEES MUST BE PAID AT LEAST 5 DAYS BEFORE YOUR RENTAL DATE! Once you have made the reservation and paid the fees, you can arrange to meet with Greg to be issued a key that can only be used for your reservation.

PROPERTY MANAGER SERVICE REQUESTS All service requests must be directed to our Andalusia HOA Property Manager Mark Brading at UNC Community Management (not CMS) as follows:

Monday – Friday from 9AM to 5PM
Call 408.229.6000, x207 or E-mail

After 5PM Monday – Friday, and all weekends and holidays
Call 408.229.6000 - you will be provided with a list of options

CMS will direct any calls that it receives for services for Andalusia to Mark at UNC, and CMS will continue to handle our financials for invoicing homeowners, payments, transfer documents, etc.

Rental parking and extended stay permits are handled by Board President Ron Shore, and Recreation Center reservations are handled by Board Director Greg Zarski.


If you need an Extended Stay permit, please send your request form (include reason, number of days or end date, and vehicle information) to Ron Shore (e-mail).

Recently, the HOA Board implemented a revision in the notifications given to parking violators, and clarified the use of handicapped spaces. For the first violation, there will be a notice of fines for future violations; a second violation results in an automatic $50 fine placed in your account, and a third violation is an automatic $100 fine. If there is a fourth violation, the vehicle will be towed automatically without further notice by AA Wheat at a cost of about $300. In addition, the vehicle will need to be picked up in Hayward.

As noted previously, residents may tow unauthorized vehicles that are parking in their assigned parking spaces by calling AA Wheat Towing at (510) 792-1900. (Please note that you will need to meet with the towing company onsite and sign their required paperwork before the vehicle will be towed.) However, before towing a vehicle that is parked in your assigned parking space without your permission, it is strongly suggested that you attempt to locate or contact the vehicle owner. It is also suggested that you place a note on the vehicle letting the vehicle owner know that they are parked in an assigned parking space and if the vehicle continues to park in your assigned space, it will be towed.

POOL HEATING SCHEDULE Each year at Andalusia, the pool heater is turned off over the Halloween/Daylight Savings Time End weekend (end of October or early November), and will remain off until the Memorial Day weekend (end of May) depending on the weather. The spa will remain heated and open throughout the year.

Please read and observe the signs posted around the pool - these are required by Alameda County and the City of Fremont, and are for your safety. (Also, please see the CC&Rs and "Residents Handbook" here on the HOA website.) In addition, please be mindful of these items:

  • No one should be in the pool or spa between 10PM and 8AM
  • No children under 5 years old should be in the spa - small bodies do not tolerate the spa's temperature very well
  • There is a limit of 4 guests per unit in the pool and spa area, and an adult hosting resident must be with their guests at all times
  • You must have the gate key with you to prove you are entitled to entry, and you must provide your Andalusia resident name and address when asked.
  • No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted in the pool and spa area
  • Please close the umbrellas when you are finished, and put lounges and chairs back in place for the next users.

MISSED RECYCLE OR GARBAGE PICKUP (JUNE 8, 2015) If you need to call Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste) to schedule a pickup of containers that were not emptied on the regular (Thursday) service day, please call 510-657-3500 after 6PM any evening, and leave a message with your name and address. Please also mention that you are a resident of Andalusia. When Republic Services arrives in their office the next business morning, they will pick up that message and schedule an additional pickup for later that day.

You may also contact Republic Services' Customer Service department through their Web site. Enter our Zip code (94538) and click "Submit" - the form expands with more fields to fill out. There is a pull-down menu under "Please describe your inquiry." - choose "Report A Problem" and enter your name, address, phone number and email. In the "Comments or Questions (Optional)" box, enter what you'd like to have done.

LEASING POLICY AND PROCEDURES (5/10/14) Effective June 1, 2014, the Andalusia Board of Directors will begin enforcing the limit on the number of non-owner-occupied units within the community. This limit was originally documented in our “Amended and Restated Enabling Declaration” (commonly called “CC&Rs”) and the subsequent First Amendment, and was legally recorded in Alameda County on May 18, 2000.

For more information, please go to the "Realtor & Home Buyer Info" page of this website.

GARBAGE COLLECTION UPDATE (5/15/13) You may not be aware, but it has always been the policy of Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste) throughout Fremont to not pick up containers that are overfilled. When their drivers attempt to empty overfilled containers, there will often be spills which create problems for everyone.

In order to reduce this problem, Republic Services and the HOA have agreed overfilled containers will NOT be picked up. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

One of the reasons for overfilled containers is that many residents are still not separating recyclables (glass, paper, aluminum, and marked plastics) from regular garbage. Please increase your efforts to do this separation and place the recyclables in your gray container.

If you have more garbage (that is, something other than recyclables) than can fit in your container, we suggest you talk to one of your neighbors about space available in their containers, or you can call Republic Services in Fremont (510-657-3500) for instructions on how to get this excess material picked up.

Your HOA and Republic Services appreciate your cooperation.

As a reminder, the only 3 days out of the year that Republic Services doesn't pick up your trash and recyclables are the Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day holidays. During the weeks that contain one of these holidays, collection takes place one day later for the remainder of the week up to, and including, Saturday.

Please remember that there are some things that cannot be placed in your garbage or recycling containers:

  • Electronics (TVs, computers, audio) should be taken to the "E-cycling Center" at 42600 Boyce Rd. (M-F, 8AM-4PM); bring a photo ID and current utility bill
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) (paint, pesticides, household cleaners, automotive fluids, batteries, fluorescent lights) should be taken to the HHW Center at 41149 Boyce Rd. (W-F, 8:30AM-2:30PM; S, 8AM-4:30PM)
PLEASE SLOW DOWN when driving in the complex! And be especially careful at the entrance to the complex - treat this as a 4-way intersection, and be aware of cars or pedestrians coming from all directions.

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