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This page provides useful information about the HOA and its policies, as well as maps and photos of the physical layout of the complex. Just click on the link to go to that section.

1. Dues and Assessments

Monthly dues assessments are required to maintain our unique and beautiful common areas and all building structures. These monthly dues assessments represent a true value for Andalusia owners.

In addition, these assessments include normal household expenses that are usually paid by owners of single-family residences, such as:

  • Weekly trash collection at each resident (not at a central drop-off location)
  • All water usage
  • All natural gas used for heating hot water
  • Fire alarm system maintenance and monitoring
  • Exterminator services for termites and rodents
Andalusia HOA provides outstanding repair and maintenance services for all plumbing, electrical and structural problems that may occur outside the walls of each residence. Thus, each homeowner is essentially responsible for correcting only those problems that occur with his/her living space.

For example, the HOA is responsible for front doors, garage doors, exterior painting, balconies and patios, and roofs, and much more. The homeowner is responsible for interior space fixtures such as toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, appliances and lights.

In addition, the HOA provides Structural Property Damage and Earthquake insurance, and also pays for the ongoing maintenance of all common areas, such as the swimming pool, spa, and water fountain; tree and grounds landscaping; security gates; and the Recreation Center. Most recently, the HOA has begun providing Common Area Wi-Fi access around the Recreation Center, pool and spa.

A portion of the assessments, as required by California real estate law, is set aside for Reserve Funds, which will be used for the repair and replacement of the community's structural and decorative assets in future years.

The Andalusia HOA provides a beautiful and carefree environment, and ensures that rules and regulations meant to keep it that way are followed consistently.

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2. Floor Plans

The Andalusia complex was built in two sections: the original section with 8 buildings (completed in 1991) and the new section with 5 buildings (completed in 2001). Each building contains 8 individual townhouse units, and each unit has its own separate entrance and attached garage.

Here are the floor plans of the units in each section:

Original Units (Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13)

  • Malaga - 2BR, 2BA, single story, ground level, 1,056 sq ft
  • Cordoba - 2BR, 2BA, single story, second level, 1,071 sq ft
  • Granada - 2BR, 2BA, 2 story, ground level, 1,086 sq ft
  • Seville - 3BR, 3BA, 2 story, ground level, 1,314 sq ft
  • Marbella - 2BR, 3BA, 2 story, second level, 1,578 sq ft
New Units (Buildings 5, 6, 10, 11, 12)

  • Plan A - 2BR, 2BA, single story, second level, 1,056 sq ft
  • Plan B - 3BR, 3BA, 2 story, ground level, 1,350 sq ft
  • Plan C - 2BR, 2BA, 2 story, ground level, 1,086 sq ft
  • Plan D - 2BR, 2BA, single story, ground level, 1,070 sq ft
  • Plan E - 3BR, 3BA, 2 story, second level, 1,730 sq ft
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3. Open House and Sign Policy (Updated 5/25/17)

Because of the increased level of visitors to real estate open houses, the Board of Directors has updated the Open House Policy and Gate Guard Instructions for the Realtor or Associate who is posted at the gate house during these events. Please review these documents before you have such an event.

At least 3 days before a real estate open house, the resident must submit an Open House Request to the Association Manager (e-mail) to arrange for security gate coverage. There is a $100 fee per day for each open house.

During the open house only, small A-frame signs are allowed in front of the unit, in front of the complex, and along the roadways to guide visitors to the open house. These signs cannot be permanent or planted in the lawn areas.

Units that are for sale may put one sign in one window of the unit. No permanent realtor signs are allowed to be installed anywhere in the complex.

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4. Common Area Photos and Map

Photos of our homes and common area.

A map of the complex that has building numbers and addresses.

For reference, the Recreation Center is located at 39249 Marbella Terraza.

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5. School Information

Children of residents of Andalusia will be attending the following schools based on the Fremont Unified School District's Attendance Map for our area:

Fremont Unified suggests that you contact Pupil Services at 510-659-2534 to confirm that these schools are the correct ones for your student.

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6. Leasing Policy and Procedures

Effective June 1, 2014, the Andalusia Board of Directors began enforcing the limit on the number of non-owner-occupied units within the community. This limit was originally documented in our “Amended and Restated Enabling Declaration” (commonly called “CC&Rs”) and the subsequent First Amendment, and was legally recorded in Alameda County on May 18, 2000.

Over the years, the number of these non-owner-occupied units has grown to 35, which is well in excess of the mandated limit of 21. The HOA intends to reduce this number over time back to the stated limit of 21 through a careful and deliberate approval process.

The process that was agreed to by the Andalusia HOA Board in April, 2014, is intended to minimize any disruption to current tenants and owners, but is also a reminder of the owner’s legal requirement to abide by the CC&Rs and obtain Board approval before any future leasing.

6.1 Current Owners Living At Andalusia

a. Current owners agree to continue to own and occupy their unit at Andalusia until such time as they decide to move.
b. While living at Andalusia, current owners agree that their properties cannot be leased unless so approved as an exception, in advance, by the Andalusia Board of Directors.
c. When current owners decide to sell, they agree to sell only to Buyers who agree to own and occupy their unit at Andalusia.
d. If a new Buyer attempts to lease the property while the number of non-owner-occupied units remains above 21 and without Board approval, Andalusia HOA will prosecute the new Buyer to the extent legally permitted.
e. Current owners residing in their units who desire to lease in the future may request the Board consider placing them on the "Authorized Waiting List" (updated 10/28/19). Once the number of leased properties is 21 or fewer, the Board will consider approving lease conversions based on the order indicated on this list.
f. The Seller and the Seller’s real estate agent are required to disclose the leasing limitations to all potential Buyers.

6.2 Current Owners of Non-Owner-Occupied Units

a. When the decision is made to sell the property, current leasing owners agree to sell the property only to Buyers who agree to live at Andalusia.
b. The Seller and the Seller’s real estate agent are required to disclose the leasing limitations to all potential Buyers.
c. If a new Buyer attempts to lease the property while the number of non-owner-occupied units remains above 21 and without Board approval, Andalusia HOA will prosecute the new Buyer to the extent legally permitted.

In addition, effective immediately, current leasing owners must adhere to the following (as defined in the First Amendment):

A. Leasing Owners must provide the Andalusia HOA Board with a copy of all current leases. These current lease copies must be received no later than June 2, 2014, in order to avoid penalties. Send electronic copies by email to the Association Manager or paper copies by US mail to:

  • Andalusia HOA
  • 39249 Marbella Terraza
  • Fremont, CA 94538
(Updated 6/4/14) Be sure to include a copy of the "Owner-Tenant Checklist" (download here) that shows the tenant information.

B. Leasing Owners must submit to the Andalusia HOA Board all new leases and all leases to be renewed at least 30 days in advance of the effective date.

All new leases must be approved by the Board before any new tenants can move into the complex. There are no exceptions!

Failure to follow the Board approval process will result in fines and the potential loss of the Owner’s ability or right to lease his/her owned property.

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7. New Owner "Quick Study" Summary (Updated 7/3/18)

Welcome to Andalusia HOA! We deeply care about your enjoyment while living here in our beautiful and very unique community. You may remember, during your purchase process, that you were presented with a large amount of legal documents (such as "CC&Rs" and "By-Laws") and other information ("Handbook of Rules") that are intended to define what Andalusia HOA requires of all Owners. (You may wish to read these documents here on this website - just go to the Handbook, CC&Rs, and By-Laws web page.)

In an effort to help you understand what you typically need to know about living in an HOA (or "Common Interest Development (CID)"), we have summarized some of the key items that we want to make sure you know about. Please click on the following link:

New Owner Quick Study Summary

You should also familiarize yourself with all of the pages on this Andalusia HOA website, and check back often to be aware of new announcements.

7.1 How To Pay Monthly HOA Dues

You may choose to pay your monthly HOA dues on the Community Management Services website. Please refer to their instructions on how to create an account or how to make a payment.

7.2 Membership Register Opt-Out Form

Andalusia Owners can request a "Membership Register" from the HOA by submitting a written request to the HOA. This Register would include the unit owner's name(s), billing address, and Andalusia address only.

If you do NOT wish to have your name included in this Register, you need to download this Opt-Out Form, fill it out, and return it to Mark Brading, the Association Manager.

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8. Common Area Wi-Fi (NEW 5/26/18)

Residents and guests now have wi-fi Internet access in the common patio area outside the Recreation Center and around the pool and spa.

To access the Common Area Wi-Fi hotspot, look for the "xfinitywifi" network name in the wi-fi settings of your device (phone, tablet, or laptop). Then follow the prompts to the Xfinity Wi-Fi sign-in page. If you are an Xfinity (Comcast) subscriber, just login as you would normally. If you are not an Xfinity subscriber, you can still get free access by entering your email and Zip code.

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