Community Calendar & Rec Center Reservations

To view the Agenda for a scheduled HOA Board Meeting, please click on the link for the Board Meeting on its scheduled date. Then in the smaller window that opens, click on the link there to view the Agenda. The Agenda is generally available several days before the actual meeting.

Dates that show "Reserved" mean the Recreation Center is reserved on that date, and the hours it is in use are in parentheses. While the maximum capacity of the Recreation Center that is allowed by the Fremont Fire Department is 47 people, the HOA limits the number of your guests to 35 people due to available physical space and seating in the Recreation Center, as well as parking limitations. (in fact, with groups over about 20 people, not all of your guests will be able to park in Guest spaces inside Andalusia - you'll have to arrange for off-site parking and shuttle your guests in.)

If you would like to reserve the Recreation Center, first check the Calendar to see if the date you want is open. If it is, please email Greg Zarski requesting that date and include the hours you wish to use the Recreation Center. Then, please go to the "HOA Forms" web page, print out and fill in the reservation form, and deliver the form and the 2 checks to Greg Zarski at least 1 week before the event.

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